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  • Family Owned Business

    We are a family who has been through the breastfeeding/pumping journey just like you. Our goal is to help make pumping easier for you.

About Us

Hi, we’re Matt and Cindy, parents to two wonderful daughters and owners of Good Latch Trays. Our business story begins with the birth of our youngest and what became our quest to find the best solution for freezing, storing and organizing expressed breastmilk.

“How can I get my breastmilk bags to freeze flat?”

This question is frequently brought up in the breastfeeding / pumping community and, after the birth of our youngest daughter and the start of our breastfeeding journey, its answer was often thought about in our home, too. We didn’t have the space to use some of the methods talked about in online forums and blogs, so we laid bags as flat as we could in a small, dedicated spot in the freezer.  As our stash got larger, stacks of milk would often tumble over because of the misshapen bags and any organization or date rotations done would be completely ruined. So, we sought out a better solution.

We purchased freeze flat trays that secured with Velcro, which worked okay to start. However, the Velcro solution was cumbersome to use, wore out quickly, and often created wedge shaped bags. We were back at square one.

Matt, having a 3D printer and a knack for functional design, spent months creating and testing what we now call Good Latch Trays.

So, what is Good Latch Trays? It’s a freeze flat solution that ditches the Velcro and rubber bands in favor of magnets. These magnetic trays were designed to freeze breastmilk storage bags completely flat, up to six (6) ounces or 180 milliliters, regardless of freezing orientation or size. Its patent pending design allows simple, one-handed use of the trays to quickly latch the trays together.  When not in use, the freezing trays store conveniently on the side of a refrigerator or freezer.